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Luxury Sicily Holidays and Travelling

Discover Sicily through Unique Experiences: be sure that you live an exclusive journey with our bespoke itineraries. Everything you want, when you want it: a luxury travel – perfectly tailored to your needs. We’ll take care of every detail from the moment you land until you fly back home. Only luxury accommodations, top services and personalized experiences – in a unique location.

Around Sicily

Art, history, culture, gastronomy, sea, beaches, mountains: Sicily has it all. It is located in Southern Italy and is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. It has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, three active volcanos and the weather is pleasant all year round. Get to know the vibrant heart and the warm hospitality of this beautiful island.

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Our Expertise

Unique Hotels & Villas

5* Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Villas, carefully selected to let you live an unforgettable experience.

Hotels e Villas

Concierge Service

Sicily Travelling has decided to follow you during your trip to recommend the best service. We have everything you need to be treated as you deserve.

Nicolò Rubino

Founder and CEO of Sicily Travelling, Nicolò – with more than 15 years of experience in hospitality – manages all details to get the right feeling more than expectations. Passion and talent for his job have become a lifestyle. Welcome to Sicily with love!

Nicolò Rubino Luxury Sicily Travelling


Golf & Spa Resorts

Golf & Spa Resorts

Take time for yourself and clear your mind and spirit. Enjoy a total relax stay in luxury Golf & Spa Resorts.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

Admire Sicily from up above. Live a thrilling experience with an unforgettable Helicopter Tour.

Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Taste Sicily. Food & Wine tastings at excellent wineries or gourmet Michelin Star Restaurants and private cooking classes to learn Sicily’s culinary secrets.

Sailing Experience

Sailing Experience

Live a Sailing Experience to discover the beauty of diverse beaches and crystal-clear waters.



Immerse yourself in History. Admire the power of ancient cultures and the greatness of their archaeological and architectural heritage.

Local Culture

Local Culture

If you are passionate about immersing in Local Culture you are in the right place. Authentic experiences in every place you visit, historic landmarks, local markets, artisans and so on.

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